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Be responsible Don’t be Careless …….. because my waste my responsibility

My self Yashika Sharma .I am a student of class 11th . And I my topic name is my waste my responsibility . This is very simple thing that my waste is my responsibility .I want to teach through this that be responsible Don’t be Careless . I want to teach it to all those who are blindly spreading waste here and there without thinking anything and making our Holly Rivers, forests dirty, our beautiful earth dirty . Opening their eyes is my goal.

  • In today’s era if we talk about progress then every country has progressed in this progress but we are going to leave something behind in this progress. That is biggest thing that we ourselves are engaged in destroying our earth with our own hands . And how we are doing this?
  • By not managing waste, not using dustbins properly , don’t thinking before throwing waste .
  • Everyone is tired of saying that first of all use dustbins properly, secondly use two types of dustbins biodegradable and non-biodegradable . In which biodegradable consist of waste which can be managed and non-biodegradable consist of waste which can’t be managed. Its very important for every person to understand that our waste is our responsibility .
  • Please stop using plastic bags become environment friendly. And make every effort to make this beautiful earth more beautiful . Implement 5r in your life , 5r ‘s are Refuse , Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose and Reduce .
  • Reuse things which are biodegradable and can be recycled
  • Reduce your Unwanted needs only give rise to your basic needs which are necessary
  • We should make a habit of managing our garbage and if we do so then we can manage waste and take it as our own responsibility . Swach Bharat Abhiyaan should be run and in order to making ourselves and our surroundings Clean . Gandhiji’s Dream should be realized . So its very important for us to understand this and manage waste+ do all practices and take all measured which you can take to make this earth clean and green . That’s why it is correctly said that ” MY WASTE IS MY RESPONSIBILITY ” .
  • Thankyou ……..
  • Be environment friendly+ be responsible + it is our earth so its our responsibility to preserve it ….to make it clean and green…..
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Yashika Sharma

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