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From Waste to Wealth

Waste are basically things that we have consumed and used its primary purpose, then after doing so dispose them accordingly. Examples of this are papers that we have printed for school purposes, tin cans from spams and other preserved foods, even the boxes that our pair shoes came from, and then those leftover foods from our meals that we decided not to eat because either we are full already or not in the mood to eat, but all in all these things to sum it up are waste and from these waste do you know that are something we still could made out of it?
There is this idea or thought that ‘There is wealth from waste’, it is quite common idea for most but to shed light to others it is called recycling. Recycling is an efficient way of maximizing the things that we have already used its primary used then use it again for another purpose, which then continues the cycle of its use and make it not part of the increasing volume of human waste. In one way, that there is a wealth in waste is first, if we respond to our waste in terms of recycling we are getting the benefit of being thrifty, instead of buying another materials we can rely on our creative minds in order to work on things that we have. This kind of thinking, applies on crafty materials like school materials or making some arts and toys, or even inventions that can be found on old electronic things.
Ideally, these concept resolves the problem on the continuous growing waste that humans tend to dispose but aside from that there are possible business that came out of it and certainly becomes wealth. One of those business arose, is the biogas power plant which with his kind of power plant is deems the usage of composite waste from human excrete & animal excrete in order to produce the methane gas that then is the raw material that the power plant needs to function generating electricity enough to power a neighbourhood or even a small community.
Moreover, in sugar mill they are using the waste cane in order to fire-up their boilers to produce steam that is enough to generate electricity for their power plant. With these kind of concepts there is an immense money that can be saved, thus can be used on other service or product. Also, recycling on waste like those of in used tetra packs of orange drinks or any fruit drinks have been converted on multi-purpose bags that can be used for shopping or for luggage plus the strength of the material used is capable to withstand great amount of load, roughly around the usual weight of grocery items, this makes the eco-bags or recycled bags economical while being environmental friendly.
In another point, there are business establish that are called ‘junk shop’ on some places which buys scrap items ranging from thread of copper wires, any sort of metals may be steel pipe or piece of aluminium, empty glass of bottles, old boxes, used papers including newspapers and old magazines. Those kind of shop buys them then sort them up, give them value on certain scale like per weight or per pieces, then after collecting them those materials are carried to different recycling plant making the materials of those considered waste be useful once more.
Recycling, indeed have proven itself to be source of wealth in many various ways that is why we should encourage many people to consider their items before throwing or disposing them. There is this saying that ‘One man’s thrash is one man’s treasure’, so try not to waste your chance on to take full advantage of every tools, materials or equipment you have in your hand

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