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“Making wealth from waste”

In these days people are using plastics and it become the part of our life. Plastics are good as well as bad to us. We all know plastics are bad to us because it harms to our environment not only it harm it causes many types of pollution due which we suffer from diseases. Plastics are good because it is used in our daily life from small things to big things. It is found everywhere nowadays. It may be found in our surroundings very easily. In rural areas people are not much developed. They don’t that plastics are harmful as well as good for us. Due to poor facilities and knowledge they may be suffering from many pollution. Though plastics are harming our environment but it has become one of the most important used material in our daily life. It is seen in supermarket to common household things. The plastics are very cheap and can be easily affordable. It’s cost is lesser than papers cost. So it is common in our daily life. It is easy to use. It is used for drinking water bottles etc. It can be easily moulded. The plastics are non biodegradable material which cannot be degraded in soil or water it remains forever.
Plastics pollution is affecting the whole earth including wildlife etc. It is spreading many diseases. Some diseases also cannot be cured . We have to realize how the plastics are harmful to us to live. It pollutes the purity of water. It also pollutes the land when the plastics are dumped into the soil it cannot be degraded. Due to this we are losing the fertility of soil. We know that soil is the most important aspects of our life. What we eat the food it comes from soil. Also plastics are thrown in water due to this it harm the aquatic life form. They are dying because of the plastic pollution. We see that plastics pollution are destroying our environment as well as us. So for that we must take major steps to prevent it. We must use jute bags instead of plastic bags. The first major thing is that the plastic should be reused, recycled and reduced. If we are purchasing plastics we must reuse it. We have to avoid plastic water bottles. As we all know municipal corporations are taking the charge of the wastage. Municipal waste dumping ground where every piece of waste is recycled. Every waste material is recycled, reduced and reused.
Though the plastics are harmful but it helps in the development of country. So we should not use such slogan like “Ban Plastics” etc. We know the most important thing is usage of water bottles. Plastics are used to make the PET bottles in industry which helps in the economy development of country. PET bottles can be used by many people it may poor or rich people. The industry of PET bottles may give the employment to the poor people. Many such industries which recycle, reuse, reduce may rise the economic and social de6of the country. As we know that industries are our economic development of our country. Every industry is dependent on plastic industry to grow up. It may be in packing the things etc. The most important thing these plastic are used in auto mobile industry, instruments etc. When we use the plastics we generate waste after the useful. Now the industries have the method for plastic waste to make the employment sector etc. The rag picker picks the PET bottles. That bottles are collected in large amount then recycled these PET bottle and sold with a good price. If we store the plastic and can sell all our plastic waste for a good price. The wastage plastics can be used to make many different products. People can get many opportunities of employment in transporting developing machines etc. The plastic products is being mostly used in packaging material. We have clean hospitals, school because of plastics. Plastics are very helpful to us but it also harm environment. We have to take care that it should not harm to our environment because it is the most important or valuable resource. At last we have to collect the plastics and build a clean and wealth environment.

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