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My Home waste , my home responsibility

It’s not some one else’s responsibility to pick up our litter, it’s our own responsibility. In past people burnt garbage but it was a major contribution to air pollution.
Later people started to bury their garbage on their land. It is also the belief that every state should be responsible for disposing of its own waste. It’s “all  responsibility” to protect the public health.
From waste collection to segregation to processing and safe disposal of waste, the NGO not only handles waste efficiency, but it also making weddings and parties go waste free. No use of plastic and waste management at wedding or an event is possible only if people develop at no dumping. We have to educate people about the waste how it is segregated. The main aim is to make people segregate the waste they generate. Along with managing waste,”NO FOOD WASTE” Seeks to cut out food waste No food waste focus on no food wastage in weddings and other such events.
Usually, most of the people don’t finish the water they take or get in a glass collectively, all the left over water makes up to huge amount of water. This water will use  for watering plants and cleaning purpose. Along with water food is also wasted during parties. All the waste on table goes for composting apart, from that, unused and excess food must collect by the team and must distributed among needy.
How does no dumping and segregation works?
Waste is collected from different locations the waste which is collected by team must segregate into three broad categories; Organic waste, in Organic waste and sanitary waste.
How can we solve garbage problems?
Reduce food waste, save left over food for next day, by avoiding food wrapped in plastic, by donating cloths, go vegan, use up the items you already have, recycle, reuse, buy rechargable batteries, purchase items made from recycled products, composting.

No rule no law ,can make you segregate and mange waste. It is us who can be the change if we all spend little time and efforts then we can bring big change. A small change in our behavior and learning process be the change.


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