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lN INDIA, increase in waste is

affecting the lives of many people For instance people living in slums are very close to the waste disposal area Therefore their are prone to verious disease This people living is danger In order to mention a healthy life ,proper hygiene -sanitation are necessary. Possible with proper waste management.  Waste management need proper technique keeping in mind the environmental situations.  For there are verious method and technology by which is disposed of some of them are landfills, Composting, recycling ,these methods are much used in disposing of the waste  Recycling Method- the important method is the recycling of waste. This is much useful in the recycling of waste. Landfills  The most common method for waste management in garbage gets buring in large pits in the ground and then covered by the mayr of mud. The garbage gets decomposed over the this method order and area taken by the waste places.  Compost  Methods- The covered of the organic waste in to fertilizers. This method used full in the fertility of the is useful in more growth in is benifits the environment. The major cause of environmental degradation in reducing pollution. The waste from industrial and household pollution our rivers. Waste management is essential so that the environment may not get that people may get a better environment to live in.the waste products can be further used to produce energy for waste products.some products can generate heat by burning . some organic products are used in fertilizers.and it can build and increase the of the soil fertility. The system need workers in waste management these workers can do verious jobs from collecting to the disposing of is creates opportunity for the people that do not have any jobs. This people’s help them in the society.

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Shravani Nagave