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My waste, My responsibility

What is waste? Waste is something which is both undesirable ,unwanted and hazardous. Waste is generated from various sources such as industrial, farming ,e waste, nature waste , bio – medical and many more. There is endless categories and their harmful effects. That is a broader term . Educating yourself and others about waste management is important thing to do . We humans have to fulfill many responsibilities in life. But what about the responsibility towards nature? We use nature to fulfill our needs. But what about the waste which we give to nature and affect the nature and its beauty. We humans are responsible for generating waste and it is not nature’s or cleaners responsibility wholly. You should not depend on others for managing it. You will say somebody will do that somebody will say other somebody will do and the loop goes on. At the end who will do? If you are generating waste you should pick it up and do its segregation and manage it. My waste is my responsibility. Don’t blame sweepers,cleaners and insult them they are playing a very crucial role for keeping the surroundings clean. Instead of saying it is not my work say it is not my work but it is my waste and my responsibility. We should educate people to properly segregate and dump it accordingly. If everyone handles their waste in proper manner the world would be much cleaner. No one would ever keep their house untidy and unclean. So , why your community . Stop the habit of throwing waste outdoors, not following the rules, spitting in public. Whenever you feel the urge to throw waste in public just remember that how would you feel if someone threw it in your house? Don’t insult cleaners, sweepers instead help them . If you see someone throwing waste in public kindly ask them how would it feel if someone throw this in your house? Keep the surrounding clean, contact to the municipal corporation whenever you see waste dumped or not treated properly. Picking waste is not shameful it is responsibility. Don’t wait for someone to clean it for you ,do it by yourself. Help others in trying to make world cleaner not dirtier. The world is your home and you won’t make your home look unclean, stinky and dumping ground. It is not possible to go physically and clean everywhere . Start with your home your area . Participate in cleaning activities which are organized by various communities. You can educate others about handling waste and it’s side effects. Education is a powerful tool to eradicate every negative thing in world . Power of education , spread awareness about how you should segregate, follow instructions, how it affects our nature and our health. The main part is that everyone should understand that the waste is our responsibility we generated and we should take care of it. You can make best out of waste. There are many diy ideas and using waste and making it creative. We can reduce waste by changing our shopping habits, from plastic to jute using eco friendly products. Using and buying less plastics. Teaching the future generation to treat all the workers,cleaners with respect because doing their job is not easy. No work is small or big so learn to respect everyone. Waste is hazardous it affects our health and well being. Being a responsible Citizen is a need. It is very important to make our life and country “Clean India, Healthy India” . If everyone will understand and work towards the well being of country and keep clean and do proper waste management. Nothing will stop us from progressing. There is one more thing i want to add that not only waste but we should also get rid of trash thoughts too. Thinking sick and treating people ill is also your responsibility . It also affects others and spread negativity and illness. My waste ,my thoughts ,my country ,my responsibility. I won’t wait for anyone to start a good move there is nothing to be ashamed in picking up the waste. I will use less plastic , and even if i am generating waste which is not degradable i will plant trees and keep clean as much as possible. If everyone instead of waiting someone to do the work understands their own responsibility there will be more cleaner and healthy.

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