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My Responsibility for cleaner society

Waste Management- My Waste, My Responsibility
Introduction to waste management: When we talk about waste it is simply a material, substance, or a product which is of no use further for any process. In simple terms we can say it is eliminated or discarded after a particular process. This waste is being disposed simply into the land, water or air which pollutes the environment in different ways as results of which there is a misbalance in our ecosystem. Due to improper waste management and open exposure it directly comes with the contact of environment and invites several diseases into the ecosystem which affect the entire living organism.
Ecosystem : Human being plays a significant role in terms managing this waste in the society and for last few years there is high decline in waste management process in various countries as a result of which all living being are being now engaged into a polluted ecosystem. It is severely affecting our health, socio economic condition, coastal and marine environment as well our climatic condition. It has been also seen that many of the species of animals and birds are now being vanished from the planet due to this polluted environment.
Types of waste: There are several types of waste available on this planet which can be categorized broadly into solid waste liquid waste, plastic waste, industrial waste, organic waste, hazardous waste, recyclable waste. These wastes are being found regularly on our day to day basis in different places prior to which we as a human being give least priority to manage these waste properly. Every product, substance, or material has a expiry date after it is being disposed or we call it as a waste. So we need to look after the proper disposal process of that used product at our best possible way.
Impact of waste: Due to improper management of waste product there is a very high hazardous impact of this waste on environment, human being, and animal & birds. There are various types of diseases occurring due to environment pollution. For past many years we could see that there are many diseases that have incurred due lack of sanitation and hygiene issues occurring in various places as a result of which the death rate is being very high.  The developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan are highly suffering from various of diseases that is occurred due to lack of neat and cleanliness. The root cause for this is problem is improper waste management practices.
Rural & Urban sphere: In rural areas it has seen that households don’t have a proper toilet system as a result of which all the nature call activities used to carried in open fields or any nearby suitable places like pond, river, lake, tube well, etc as a result of which there is high deficiency of water borne disease in those areas. Sometimes it is also seen that in the urban areas people are highly using plastic materials for different activities and finally they are disposing those materials here and there as it is or they burn it as a result of which it causes air pollution and invite various diseases into our society.
My responsibility: As the topic reflects “My Waste, My Responsibility” it says that every individual is responsible for disposing all kinds of their waste in the right place and in the right time. Moreover every individual should have the first priority for “Neat & Clean environment” which will reduce the various kinds of diseases which occur due to unhygienic environment.  For example if I have to carry something from the market and I need a carry bag then I should prefer a disposable carry bag rather than non disposable bags. This disposable carry bag will be easily disposable and will be less harmful to the environment.
Similarly I have to make sure that all the household garbage’s are being disposed into the dust bin in a proper manner which again reduce the various kind of infection & diseases. Moreover many people used to keep pets at their home so we need to make sure their all their natural call activities are being done in the right place rather than leaving them here and there. Children are the most beautiful flower on this planet and they don’t have much idea about where to dispose any type of waste they are having for example after a taking a chocolate they throw the wrapper her and there as per their convenience so we need to make them a habit of disposing the waste in the right place which not only help them to build a good habit but also it will keep the environment clean.
It is very essential to see that proper waste management practices has to be carried out in a proper manner because we are the human beings who are going to sustain on this earth for many more years so we need to keep our environments neat and clean. The Global health status shows that more than 40% of  human existence surface on earth surface is getting polluted day by day and as a result more than 50% people are suffering from various kinds of diseases due to lack of cleanliness. It is not only affecting the human world but also it has a very dense impact of the  birds and animals also.
As a citizen it is my responsibility to create awareness about proper waste management among my society members, friends, relatives and family memebers etc which will again give them a broad idea about neat and cleanliness and can stay safe from various kinds of disease occurring due to improper disposition of waste. There could be various campaigns that could be organized on a large scale to communicate to a large mass where it will be have high impact to control the pollution that is occurring day by day in many places.
We consume fruits and vegetables in our daily life but the garbage’s (waste) which comes out from this stuff  we usually throw it outside into the roads or drains which not only a sign of good habit but also this may create big problems for others so it is our duty to dispose these garbage’s in the proper place in order to reduce the risk of any environmental issues.  Sometimes people became more casual and don’t take this issues/concerns seriously so it is a very high time to make everybody aware about the proper disposal of waste.
Various  topic on “ Waste Management “ can also be delivered in schools and colleges where it will give a broad idea to  the students about various issues related to improper waste management. Similarly various seminar, workshop could be arranged where various expert can give their opinion and advise in this regard which could be highly valuable & impactful in a larger extent. In fact there are also several forums and discussion platforms where we could raise up this issues among the various audience and look into their point of view which will also result into various kind of solution or practices that can be endorsed by government of the respected countries.
Industries also play a significant role in polluting the environment by disposing various industrial wastes directly into water and air. It is our duty to organize various environmental campaign in the industrial areas through which we can aware people about various environmental issues & concerns. More over it will be also helpful to the government keep on eye watch of every industrial disposal activities carried out by various industries.
Hence as we are the creator of our own destiny so we have to make sure that we need to keep our environment neat and clean by disposing all our wastes in the right place or else the day is not so far when we all see a dark world where there will be no existence of any living being.
“Environment- Existence Exposure-Expire”
Written By: Chinmoy Dash                                                                                                                       Place:Odisha                                                                                                                                                            Email:

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