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My Waste, My Responsibility

Waste are unwanted or unusable material which is no longer required and discarded after worthless, Waste may become by product or reuse it to make best from waste. Not only waste is used as by-product but also it is used as  compost to grow plant healthy.

  So it our responsibility, to reduce waste and to make useful product or it will be burnt(inceration). Due to inceration it produce harmful gases which effects surrounding living beings. Not only living  but also non living being by changing the colour of non-living things to blackish colour. Due to which we should reuse the waste as much as possible.

There are five types of waste which are commonly found around us. This include liquid waste, solid rubbish, organic waste, recyclable rubbish and hazardous waste. We can use organic waste to make organic fertilizers and recyclable rubbish can be recycle into to useful product. Then solid rubbish can be reuse to make best crafts and liquid waste can not it be reuse  before filtering it, then hazardous waste is one of the main and harmful waste which should be disposed careful and out of reach, as it is harmful for living organism.
Due to careless of our things and throwing it as a waste. In today’s world 2.01 billion tons of municipal waste are produced annually and least 33% of that extremely conservatively- not managed in any environmentally safe manner. In worldwide waste produced by per person per day average is 0.74 kilogram but ranges widely, from 0.11 to 4.54 kilograms. Though they only account for 16% of the world’s population, highly income countries produce 34% or 683 million tonnes of the world’s waste. When we looked over all the waste produced in the world, then we can notice that waste production is more because many people are irresponsible about their things and they think many items are waste or occupy space in the house. So they throw off the things in dustbin, before throwing they do not think why did they buy, if they thought about it then many things were not in dustbin or they can give many things to needy or they can sell it any ways.

Nowadays we can convert waste into energy like heat or electricity by combustion, gasification, pyrolyzation and anaerobic digestion etc. Many waste are dumped in landfills which produce harmful odour, due to which land get eroded. So we should not leave any land to be landfill that’s why we should take waste and create natural gas of our own, which can be used for   cooking purpose at home by LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and vehicles can use CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) . No, I am not saying that every person should segregate the waste and convert into natural gas but I saying that Government should take action against about this waste to make best use of it. Then petroleum import will be reduced throughout the country and automatically price will also be reduced. We know that energy produced by many ways but main non-renewable source of energy is taken important role to make our life easy and better, if we think about the future it will be reduced or will not exist in future generation. So, we should not give any chance for that, so we should use renewable sources of energy but it has its own limitations. Then all the people of the world cannot depend on that source. Then we can go to natural gas as our alternate sources of energy and we can use natural gas or renewable or non-renewable source of energy in our life to make easy.
It can be done only when people and Government think about the matter seriously. So we should not throw waste  wherever we want. We should throw waste by dividing it into dry and wet waste, recycle and non recyclable waste. Then Government can do there work easy and then they can take action to make waste as best source of our life and reduce pressure on our environment.
If waste is misused, by throwing it away to the river or lake carelessly then it is very dangerous as it can harm marine animals by Eutrophication, in this process deplection of oxygen takes place in water bodies occurs either naturally or due to human activities by discharge of domestic waste or fertilizers from agriculture fields to water bodies and same water is used for household purpose then if we intake that water we can get cholera, typhoid etc. So we should take responsibility of our waste and give it to garbage collector and it can also be spreaded through industrial waste such as arsenic, lead, mercury fluorides etc which have serious impact on our body.
It had happened in Japan, in 1993 contaminated water containing methyl mercury caused serious health impact in minamata. Many contaminated fishes and crabs where eaten by people, had fatal disease called minimata disease. Many lost life and others were injured. These was drastic experience which shows that waste should not be handle carelessly.
Not only waste thrown in water is harmful but also disposal of medical waste landfill create serious health hazards, as this waste contains used syringes if it  pricks to someone or garbage collector he/she can get a serious health hazard. So, medical waste should be disposed carefully. There are many ways where waste can be spreaded, if we all not take responsibility on that matter then it create health hazardous to the people and that waste helps mosquitoes and house flies to spread diseases, so we should not keep waste in open area and it should be disposed, then we should  clear or reuse waste as much as possible.
My Waste, my Responsibility this topic only says that waste produced by any mean of source let it be, E- Waste , household waste etc. We should take responsibility of that waste produced and it should be used for any useful things and if we take careless or  irresponsibility about it, then this waste spread diseases thought the mean of air, water, insects etc.

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