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plastic: from waste to health

Plastic: from waste to health

Plastic, with its exclusive qualities is now a serious worldwide environmental and health concern, essentially due to its non-biodegradable nature. More than 50% of the plastic waste generated in the country is recycled and used in the manufacture of various plastic products.
Burning of plastics, especially PVC, releases this dioxin and also furn into the atmosphere. Platic are so versatile in use that their impact on the environment is extremely wide ranging. Careless disposal of plastic bags chokes drains, blocks the porosity of the soil and causes problems for groundwater recharge. plastic disturb the soil microbial activity it 60-80% of the plastic waste generated in India is collected and segregated for recycling.the biodegradable plastics have been developed and used, completely biodegradable plastics have only recently been developed.Waste is disposed off in low – lying areas without taking any precautions and without any operational control.solid waste workers handle the waste without any protective equipment and are prone to infection.

Management of Waste Plastic:-

  • Reduce (A ban on thinnest Poly bags)
  • Reuse ( Bisleri & cold drinks bottles)
  • Plastics as a Greenhouse Gas Emission Saver. Use of plastic
  • Plastic in Insulation materials in construction industry

Plastic in Packaging:-

  • Non toxic characteristics, inertness & chemical resistance
  • Excellent barrier properties & water-proof characteristics
  • Transparency as well as opacity
  • Non-break ability and light in weight Pilfer proof characteristics etc.


  • India Plastic Recycling Industry give Employment and business Opportunities to many families.
  • Carbon Recycling: Fuel from Plastic Waste: 1 MT Waste yielding 900 litres of Diesel conforming to highest quality EN 590 Diesel.
  • Unconventional Recycling: Use of Plastic Waste for better roads.

Issue:Health & Safety:

  • plastic is also approved safe material for use….
  • As implement within human body
  • in medical applications like IV bottles
  • Packaging of tablets
  • plastic bags generally made from polyethylene

Issue: Non – Biodegradability

Terms as “the major reason of waste management problem” . plastics are useful for its long life characteristics.Tin, glass , aluminium also are not biodegradable.


Plastic bags generate 60-79% less Green House Gases than Paper Bags.plastic generate 70% more air pollution and 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags

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