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Plastic:from West to wealth

”we covered the earth with plastic now earth covered us with plastic(PPE KIT)”
Now the world is suffering from that disease some fault is our humans.we all are careless about cleaning and we all are use the plastic.In that case according to Annaliese 1million sea birds 1000000 mammals are killed by pollution in the year.people who live in place with high level of air, water,land pollutions have 20% higher risk of death and lung cancer.
For the brighter side of earth we all need to recycle plastic and minimum do the decrease use the plastic. We need to use paper bag or recycling bag. lots of turle in the sea are death during eating plastic bag. now imagine you are the hungry turtle and you see the plastic bag in the sea what is looks like a jelly fish.(you will be dying)
In the last I want to give message to everyone who is use the plastic”please use the recycling plastic or paper bag and don’t spread pollution.🙏🏻
Every animals and every humans have a right to live in clean earth, breath the fresh air.
When we love earth,earth will gives you back that love.
Save earth
Save humanity

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