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November 28, 2022

Your Choice – Lung Sculpture Nandi Hills

The Hyphen partnered with Discovery Village to host an Art Camp, uniting talented artists to address the pressing issue of urbanization’s impact on nature. During this immersive camp, artists came together to create a thought-provoking sculpture named “Your Choice,” vividly illustrating the stark contrast between nature’s greenery and the concrete jungle of a city.

The Lung Sculpture, aptly named “Your Choice,” stands as a powerful symbol of the human lung, juxtaposed against the bustling urban landscape. The art installation embodies the essence of breathing life into the concrete jungle, evoking a powerful message about the vital role that nature plays in sustaining our well-being.

  • Title

    Your Choice

  • Location

    Nandi Hills

  • Material


  • Made by

    Akshay Maiti, Ranjay Sarkar, Pintu Das, Nayan Jyoti Burman,Thinley Dolma, Minal Parkhi, Sanjeetha Manjunath

  • Guided by

    Anuj Poddar, Sushil Sakhuja, Rajesh Prasad

  • Partners

    Discovery Village