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The Beautiful Nature

  1. Introduction: Today we are living in the world of technology.As we all are developing our nation and we are not thing of our nature.
  2. Body:In our day to day life we are using a lot of plastic bag and we are not using them again and  we are not thinking what happens if we do like this again and example to under better,if one person went to shop to buy some things for home he did not bring anything to put his things then the shop keeper give cover to him and he come home and take all things and through plastic cover into dustbin and the keeper come home and collect the waste and they through plastic cover and waste at some place and live like that,then so animals as t that plastic cover ,bags etc and it damage it’s health and the plastic doesn’t decompose in earth it leads to loss of soil fertility.

  3. And their are so many problems if we didn’t decompose the waste properly.As a citizen it is our nation .we must slow all this things ,we can use the things again and again and we can also recycle them .And so problems also sliced by doing this and we convert the waste to wealth also.for example we are throughout the waste of vegetables instead of throwing them out collect all this vegetables waste and pour them at your garden it increase soil fertility and  pouring all this at  one place and we growing  earthworm in that place also very useful. Because earthworm increase soil fertility and the farmer by them and we  will earn a lot of money also and farmer crop grow a lot and they are earn money .
  4. We all know that what happens if we burn the plastic all toxic gases releases into the atmosphere  and it damage  ozone layer and the skin infection occur like skin cancer, skin rashes etc,so it very important to reuse the plastic and recycle .And decompose green waste in soil help us to earn money and by giving old plastic things in home we can earn money .
  5. Conclusion: As a citizen,if we do good to nature it will come back to us again.for example if we pour water to plant it grow and will give fruits ,flower , vegetables etc, to us.

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