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The life is beautiful ,when we conserve the plastic

Plastic is very essential for human life. The plastic is very cheep and less in weight. Plastic have a more advantages.                                                                            PLASTIC: FROM WASTE TO WEALTH :~                                                                                                  Chips and confectionery packets account for the largest share of plastic waste in India.                                    First we using the process:- Reuse                                                              Repurpose                                                       Recycle from Plastic waste to wealth.                            For the purpose of Reuse/Recycle : We accept only all plastic bottles , cups and containers, household bottles, jar and jugs, dairy containers and lids, bakery containers etc……                                    Don’t Accept:-                                                         => Plastic bags, wrap, motor oil bottles etc……                                                    Around 60% of India’s plastic waste is Recycled:                                                              =>Total plastic waste generated every day 15,350 tonnes.                                  =>Plastic waste is get convert into new product like :-    Collection => Transport => Sorting => New product.          =>The roads built by reusing plastic waste.                                                                  =>The plastic waste is use for building construction.                                      => The waste bottles can and trays from ready made dishes , cling film , plastic bags……                                                   => Food packets , pickle packet and take – away food containers have to be throughly rised and dried before disposal.
“MY WASTE MY RESPONSIBILITY” :-                                                                                                     Plastics have becomes an integral part of human habitation. used widely in our everyday life, mostly for handling supplies from local stores.                                                                                        => Plastics are made up of non bio-degradable material.                                        =>Unnecessary don’t waste plastics.        =>Plastics conserve is our responsibility.                                                                                                                                  We are gathered the waste plastic and reuse, the waste plastic made a new product and it use again.                              “My waste my Responsibility” so, we are conserve waste plastics.                                                                                             “WASTE IN MY COMMUNITY” :-                                                                                                                We are conserve plastic waste in our community. Don’t we unnecessary waste the plastic. Don’t we destroyed the plastic this method like :-    =>Disposing plastic into water risks the marine life.                                                =>Burned plastic releases poisonous chemicals in the air.                                        =>soil fertility gets affected due to plastic waste. so, must be collect plastic and reuse it.                                                                                                                                   “SEGREGATION AT SOURCE” :-                                                                                                                   Waste segregation is mostly the separation of waste into different categories. Mostly, wet waste and dry waste. people use dusbins , but very rarely are the waste segregated.They are commonly dumped in a single bin , which leads to difficulty in sorting the waste and treating it in future.                                              Therefore Segregation of waste from the source, saves a lot of money , and makes the task easier. It also helps in recycling of waste and in generation of revenue attached to it.                                                                                                         “WASTE TO ENERGY: MARKET AND POLICY” :-                                                                           Plastic are poor conductors of,they are used in electrical appliance.                                         collect plastic waste and it sell to get more money. must be unnecessary don’t waste the plastic.

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