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Waste in my community

Due to the impact of environment pollution.people have been more cautious on waste. Waste involves process of collection transportation and disposal of waste. Depending on the different types and nature of waste.their management differs.
Waste in community are classified into different types based on the physical appearance,liquid in nature,solid waste are solid and organic wastes are organic in nature.
For instance people living in slums are very close to the waste disposal area. Therefore there are prone to various diseases. Hence,putting their lives in danger. In order to maintain a healthy life,proper hygiene and sanitation are necessary, consequently it is only possible with proper waste management.
The Earth is our home but much of is dirty and dying. Rapid industrial development has caused a lot of ecological problems. Waste are variety of materials that are no longer required by people.
Waste is a natural by product any process on Earth and cannot be avoided.reuses of it’s byproducts,with no waste in the end.  What is waste for one is useful for another. For example :-dead leaves decompose to provide nutrients to plants and oxygen released from trees is used by us.
We humans,however,have disturbed this balance by bringing in new problems such as toxic and non degradable wastes and even nuclear waste into the environment.
Methods for waste management in community
1.Recycling:- Above all the most important method is the recycling of waste. This is does not need any resources. Therefore this is much useful in the reusing of things that are scrapped of. Moreovere,recycling is further conventiong waste into useful resources.waste management is the meaning of waste by disposal and recycling of it. Moreover,waste management needs proper techniques keeping in mind the environment Situation. For instance,there are various methods and techniques by which the waste is desposed of.  Some of them are landfills recycling,cimposting etc.  Furthermore these methods are much useful in disposing of the waste without causing any harm to the environment.
1. Landfills:- it is most common method for waste management. The Garbage gets baried in large pits in the ground and then covered by the layer of mud. As a result the garbage gets decomposed inside the pits over the years. In conclusion in this method elimination of the odors and area taken by the waste takes place.
2. Composting :- it is a converting of organic waste into fertilizers. This method increases the fertility of the soil. As a result it is helpful in more growth in plants. Furthermore it the useful conversion of waste management that is benefiting the causing any harm to the environment.
There are various advantages of waste in community
* Decrease bad odor:- waste produces a lot of bad odor which is harmful to the environment. Moreover,Bad odor is responsible for various diseases in children’s.
* Reduces pollution:- waste is the major cause of environmental degradation. For instance,the waste from industries and households, pollute our rivers it cause pollution.
* Reduces  the production of waste:- Recycling of the products in reducing waste. Furthermore,it generates new products which are again useful.
* It generates employment :- it needs workers can do various jobs from collecting to the disposing of waste. It creates job opportunities.
* Produces energy:- Many waste products can be farther used to produce energy For instance,some products can generate heat by burning. Forthermore,some organic products are useful in fertilizers, Therefore it can increase the fertility of the soil.
Waste’s like plastic,metal,paper etc can also be subjected to recycling. In some ways,the waste can actually serve as a resource! Of course,all of the above requires a like in waste disposal budget.  The moncipalties need to be taught technologiee described above so that they can deal with the waste effectively
There are three R is there
As individuals,we need to realize that we do not generate quite a lot of waste we dispose of containers that can be reused and we throw away papers that can be recycled. It is important to reduce our wastage of resources. So that we don’t pressurize our weak waste disposal system. It is harm to our community. We are educated people we must aware about waste in community.
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