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Waste in My Community

                                ″The rest of the material used by man can be said to be the origin of waste″. These wastes have a profound effect on the health and environmental beauty of man. In addition, they also play an important role as resources for the disposal of trash. Waste management is the management of solid waste, liquid materials, gaseous waste or radioactive emissions with the help of many systems and experts in various fields.

Body of the Essay:

  • The garbage and waste collection system differs in many regions in different countries. If one system is appropriate in one country, it is unfavorable in another. The domestic waste collection service is provided by local government agencies or private enterprises. Some, even most backward countries, do not use any of the traditional practices in terms of garbage collection.
  • Recycled wastes are used for new production and the rest are transported to areas where they are to be buried. According to a survey by ABS, recycling rates have increased and the number of people who reuse used items has increased. Some have emphasized heavily on recycling methods over the past year (a 2003 study survey), with 99% of home users taking the step.
  • The proportion was 85% in 1992. This has resulted in Australians adjusting to low waste generation, incineration and recycling. During 2002-03, ‘30% of the total waste was recycled by the municipality, 45% by commercial and industrial and 57% by the building wreck and building materials.
  • Fuel is generated by wastes, and gas and fuel are extracted from underground waste. The amount of waste emitted by households and industries is not charged. Disposal systems are handled by Europe and some communities around the world. The proprietary Envac system is used to handle waste management.
  • There are also cases where people in rural areas are forced to transport their waste to nearby recycling centers or elsewhere. The collected waste is transported to a regional mound or garbage heap. The local government in Taipei imposes a large amount of garbage and waste generated by the houses and businesses there. The City Council or Municipality collects and sends only items that are disposed of in government-issued waste bags. The same policy has reduced the amount of waste and reuse.

                                        The main purpose of waste management is to ensure that garbage and toiletries are kept low. This can be controlled by taking care not to waste. Recycling of old materials, repairing broken or semi-damaged products to reduce waste volume may be better than buying new ones. Possibilities of recycling or reusing (eg, cotton bags are better than plastic bags)Work needs to be done to educate the consumer about the items to be consumed (eg picking up food items in the used knife, knife and cans). The expulsion of leftovers is also attributed to the increase in trash and attempts to use inert materials (eg, liquids, cans and lighter items).
                                                                ″We only feel angry when we sea waste. When we see people throwing away things we could use″.




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