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Waste in my country

‘Developing country’ That is what we call our India. Metros are rising, people who once fled towards street food are eating from multi-cuisine restraunts with a napkin on their lap and ordering a coffee which they have to make on the table by mixing milk, sugar and others. But if we just look here and there is it really a developing country? We must really question it

               In foriegn countries people call their country clean in tearms of their amount of waste not in amounts of ornamental plants. Beautification of nature is necessary, but that doesn’t make it all.

               A lot of waste are accomodated in this country such as plastic, degradable and non-degradable,machine waste etc.We know how to deal with those waste which is spoiling our motherland, but can we do we are lazy and poor soil cannot do anything but to tolerate all this.
As an Indian we must take the responsibility of the waste lying on the soil of India. Maybe we didn’t put any waste there, but the soil gave us food which made us living and that soil in polluted. Maybe in future harmful toxic waste may lie there,  but understand present moves can change future thoughts

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Irene Sarah Thomas