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Waste management and my views on environment issues

Waste management is the collection, transportation and disposal of garbage, sewage ….etc.Waste management can make our earth healthy and happy.It makes our life’s  clean.The adverse effects of waste can minimized by proper waste management.
Waste can be in three forms like solid liquid and gas.The each category had different types of waste management.Waste management deals with all types of waste like a industrial waste, household waste, biological waste etc.

“Waste management manages our future plans”

Above 50% of waste is producing by our human activities like using plastics, extraction and processing of raw materials and many more.
Proper management of waste is important to humans and animals because it may cause threat.It can also helps in building sustainable, livable places for future.There are many forms of waste managements like plastic waste management, electronic waste management (e-waste) etc.
Now a days a large portion of waste is occupied with plastics.It may be occur in many forms.We can observe that some of the animals like cows,buffaloes are dieing due to eating of plastic waste.It is a sarrow situation.Plastics may cause soil pollution which causes harm to humans and animals living inside of Earth like earthworms which helps for agriculture.So it is a need for plastic waste management.By following some of ways we can make plastic waste management like
1. Approaching recycling centers for recycling of plastic materials.
2.Following 4r principle(reduce, recycle,reuse and recover or restore)

“4r gives us 4h’s(health, happy,help for healthy lifestyle, hope for future)”

3.Using wood items.
4.using our own bags when we went outside.
Data security is an important and ongoing concern , but it’s taken on even greater importance recently for the reason e- waste.
It is also a major product in waste. It is estimated based on electronic items like phones , computers….etc. Electronic waste is that the discarded electrival compounds when the reached there end life.Improper disposal of electronics impacts on soil.It releases toxic metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium.These effects plants and trees.So it is important to manage electronic waste.It can possible by some steps like
1.Reuse electronic devices.
2.storing data online.
3.Using divices which acts for multiple purpose.
Not only these two there are number of wastes are there like bio-medical waste, agricultural waste,bio degradable waste etc.To avoid consequences with these,the only way is waste management.It is our responsibility to create awareness through education centres, communication campaigns about waste management.
Environmental issues causes harmful effects to humans and on biophysical environment.If those issues cross limits it ends our life’s.Environmental issues may cause undesirable changes in physical, chemical, biological systems of environment.Those may be in many forms like air pollution,water pollution, soil pollution etc.
It is the introduction of particulates or harmful gasses into earth’s atmosphere like co2,CFC’s…..etc. It is may be by man making things like using vechiles, burning fossil fuels, making deforestation and many more or natural like volcanic eruptions.It causes ozone layer depletion and acid rains.
Itcan be controlled by:-
1.Controlling vehicular pollution.
2. Panting more plants.

“Plant a plant, plant a life”

3.Stopping deforestation.
It is the introduction of physical and chemical harmful characteristics into water bodies.It causes death of ecosystem of water dependent animals.polluted water contain harmful  metals like lead which damages liver, mercury which cause neurological disorders.

“Save each drop of water from pollution,save earth”

It can be controlled by:-
1.Using less chemicals and fertilizers.
2.Avoiding throwing garbage into water bodies.
It is the presence of toxic materials in soil in high concentration.It harms the both humans and animals.It also cause harm to earthworms which is more useful for agriculture.
It can controlled by:-
1.Using less fertilizers.
2. Giving preference to organic farming.
3.Doing proper disposal of garbage.

“Soil sowed the seeds of life’s of human so it is our responsibility to save it.”

(Thank you all for giving wonderful opportunity)

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