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What is segregation? It is separation or division of anything, Here it is segregation
of waste. In waste management, the segregation is the main key. Segregation is very
important because it effective on the environment for an example; If there is no separation
of waste if we put together organic and plastic waste, then we decomposed it, It would be
dangerous as plastic contains toxic which lead to unfertilese land or soil .
There should be awareness of segregation at source through many programmes.
We should actively follow about it. We should protect our environment by doing segregation
at source, Let’s get to know how we can do it we first need to segregate waste according
to the waste products. There are 4-5 types of dustbins for different types of waste .
1. Kitchen waste is called as organic waste the colour of the dustbin is green,
2. Plastic bottle, bags are called as plastic waste the colour of the dustbin is blue, paper
and other recycle waste is included in it, It is also in blue coloured dustbin.
3. Battery, electronic media waste is included in e-waste the colour of the dustbin is black
4. There is the glass waste which must also be separated. 5. Metal is one of the waste around
us which is included in segregation at source.
We need to strictly follow the segregation method as to save our environment, we need
to care about it for our future generation. It will happen all together , we will manage the
waste only if we need to follow it. Plastic, e-waste and metal are harmful waste, we must
need a segregation here, plastic can lead to cancer if we try to decompose plastic in the
Soil if animals eats the plants present around there it can lead to cancer in them which
might be the worst thing, we can recycle it or try some D.I.Y  (do it yourself) activity
to decorate the home. E-waste and metal waste must be dangerous to the environment.
Let’s protect our environment and aware people about waste management and segregation
of waste. Let’s be the change!!!

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